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NFL Star Ricky Williams Expands His Cannabis Brand

NFL Star Ricky Williams Expands His Cannabis Brand

NFL Star Ricky Williams Expands His Cannabis Brand. Williams got into the Cannabis business. And, now he is opening a sports bar.

Cannabis Has Become The “Next Big Thing”

NfL Star Ricky Williams Expands His Cannabis Brand. Sports Bars are extremely popular. They are placing to go for fun and entertainment.

Not to mention, the environment is relaxing, as reported by AfroTech.

For this reason, some celebrities are buying into creating a euphoric concept. Having said this, Williams hopes to provide Cannabis in addition.

The former running back is on a mission to make Cannabis an option. His cannabis brand , Highsman, may set the trend for others.

Especially since this concept is fairly new. Heisman trophy winner, left he NFL rather abruptly.

It was alleged, he was suffering from mental illness. At any rate, Williams left the game of football in 2004. It was a the height of his career.

Perhaps the pressures of the game were too much. However, after taking a sabbatical he returned.

Nevertheless, Williams was one of the leagues top running backs. After leaving football Williams embarked on a self discovery journey.

That is what led him to cannabis. He claims that cannabis has given him clarity.

In fact, Willams admits it helps his business acumen. He really may be on to something big. Because cannabis has really proven its worth.

In other words, some people rave about cannabis healing properties. More importantly, medicinal cannabis is helping cancer patients.

Additionally, cannabis has always been a recreational drug. Therefore, I can see why it would become popular in Sports Bars.

As Williams has mentioned,

“Americans are used to the sports bar, so this is a similar kind of thing where you can come and consume with other people and enjoy sports together,” Williams said to the outlet. “This concept allows people to relax and create. There’s the power of the plant that’s also great for creativity. Everyone is more relaxed, open, and talking. That’s the magic happening. Most of us, our favorite songs, our parents’ favorite songs, were probably written or created in an altered state.”

Does Williams make a legitmate argument or not? Of course, there are some skeptics. When it relates to the effects of legal cannabis.

Nevertheless, his concept may go over well. It appears, Williams has already begun to implement his brand expansion.


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I would be interested in taking a poll. Just to see if Sports Bar enthusiasts agree with Williams. What do you think?

Is Williams on to something big? Or will this be a passing trend? Stay Tuned!

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