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Rihanna Was A Vision In White At Met Gala

Rihanna Was A Vision In White At Met Gala

Rihanna Was A Vision In White At Met Gala. We are never disappointed with RiRi’s choices. Each year RiRi outdoes herself.

Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Was Fashionably To The Met Gala

Rihanna Was A Vision In White At Met Gala. The red carpet event at the Met Gala is trending.

All of the hottest celebrities attend each year. But some make quite a statement.

Every year it is RiRi who shows out. Also, some celebrities wear the most outrageous outfits possible.

We will get to that. Let’s focus on RiRi and A$AP. A$AP wore a red & black kilt with jeans and a black jacket.

No big deal, right? However, both rappers arrived together relatively late, as stated by Yahoo.

Yahoo reports fans were eagerly anticipating RiRi’s arrival.

Listen, RiRi wore a white gown with the longest train. Her dress was adorned with white flowers at the top.

It was almost impossible to see she was pregnant. Was RiRi trying to tell us something?

Especially since her gown appeared to be wedding attire.

Not only that, her dramatic train captured the audience’s attention.

It was not the first time RiRi and A$AP Rocky wore outstanding attire.

A$AP Rocky wore a quilt-like tri-color outfit, while RiRi wore a black gown.

Did RiRi and A$AP plan to be the last guest on the red carpet?

If so, their plan worked, mainly because RiRi had the spotlight.

This year’s celebration was in honor of designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Therefore, many celebrities wore something in honor of him.

Karl Lagerfeld was Chanel’s creative director. Lagerfeld died in 2019.

Take a look At RiRi’s gown.

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rihanna a vision in white

As you can see, Riri was the epitome of a bride in white. Perhaps, RiRi was giving a prelude to her nuptials.

After all, she is having baby No. 2 with ASAP Rocky.

Nevertheless, RiRi knocked the look out of the part.

Wouldn’t you say?

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