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Run DMC Suing Walmart And Amazon For $50M

Run DMC Suing Walmart And Amazon For $50M

Run DMC is suing Walmart and Amazon for $50 million. The legendary rap group is suing each company for trademark infringement. The suit was filed in federal court in New York, accuses the retailers of manufacturing, marketing and selling products with the group’s trademarked name, including glasses, hats, T-shirts and wallets. Run DMC alleges in the law suit that these companies made over $100 million on trademarked products over the years,, including a $1.6 million sneaker deal with Adidas.

Who will ever forget Run DMC?

Who will ever forget this legendary rap group from Hollis Queens, New York. The group Run DMC was founded in 1981 by Joseph Simmons aka Rev. Run, Darryl McDaniels aka D, and Jason Mizell aka Jam Master J . This rap trio was so famous they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Run- DMC are rap icons. They wore big gold “dookie” chains, “Adidas” sneakers, jogging suits, and sported “Kangol” hats as they rocked the mic. Their style of rap paved the way for other rappers to imitate their style.

Certainly, not one person in Hip Hop can deny that Run DMC were pioneers. They influenced countless hip hop acts that followed and made the genre hugely successful with crossover audiences. Unfortunately, Jam Master J was shot and killed at his studio office in New York in 2002.

It is hard to believe that big companies such as Amazon and Walmart would not be for the using Run DMC’s merchandise. Hopefully, Run DMC will recover damages in this law suit.

Run DMC changed the look of Hip Hop forever!

Run DMC were the first rappers on MTV, first rappers on Saturday Night Live, first rappers on the cover of Rolling Stone, first rappers to win a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. They broke down barriers for future rap acts, crossed boundaries between rap and rock and dispelled old notions of what rap could be. marketing and selling products with the group’s trademarked name, including glasses, hats, T-shirts and wallets.

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