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Kelly Rowland Defends Chris Brown

Kelly Rowland Defends Chris Brown

Kelly Rowland Defends Chris Brown. Rowland was a presenter at the American Music Awards. The category was the favorite R&B music award.

Why Did Fans Boo Chris Brown’s Win?

Kelly Rowland Defends Chris Brown. Brown won the award and Kelly accepted in his absence. However, she was met with people in the audience booing. What she did was very admirable.

Just like a true friend, she hushed the crowd by saying,

“Excuse me. … Chill out,” Rowland said. “But I want to tell Chris, thank you so much for making great R&B music. And I want to tell him, thank you for being an incredible performer. I’ll take this award, bring it to you. I love you. Congratulations, and congratulations to all the nominees in this category.”

Why did the crowd boo against Brown winning? Are they still holding his past mistakes against him? Or did they expect another nominee to win?

In that category, the nominees were The Weekend, Brent Faiyaz Giveon, and Lucky Daye. Maybe the crowd wanted The Weekend to win.

After all, he is a fan favorite. Perhaps, it was because Brown’s performance was canceled. Of course, we can only speculate. Having said this, Brown has had a very checkered past.

According to Entertainment News, Brown has a long history of legal troubles. Some include sexual allegations. Possibly, these allegations may be haunting would-be fans.

Nevertheless, you can’t deny Browns’ contribution to R&B music. Also, Brown has made a significant impact on modern dance. In fact, Brown is in a category alone.

Especially, when it comes to dancing moves. Some have compared him to Michael Jackson. Even so, it would have been a great show. That is if Brown was able to re-create some of Jackson’s iconic moves.

In the past, the AMA was the award show to watch. To say nothing of, the celebration of American music. At one time, the American Music Awards were celebrated by all music lovers.

Now, it appears the AMA’s allegedly reflect the modern-day “Cancel Culture.” At least that is what it seems. At any rate, Brown did win an award. That says a lot about his musical genius.

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