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Meek Mill Confronts Rapper Vory’s Alleged Domestic Abuse

Meek Mill Confronts Rapper Vory’s Alleged Domestic Abuse

Meek Mill Confronts Rapper Vory’s Alleged Domestic Abuse. Meek Mill, the renowned rapper and activist, recently took to social media to call out fellow artist Vory for his alleged involvement in domestic abuse. The Philadelphia rapper Meek expressed his disappointment in singer Vory ‘s suspected actions towards his partner. He has allegedly severed ties with his “Dream Chasers” artist.

Meek Mill Calls Out Rapper Vory: Exposing Alleged Domestic Abuse

Meek Mill Confronts Rapper Vory’s Alleged Domestic Abuse.

He publicly called out rapper Vory for his alleged involvement in domestic abuse, as stated by Hip Hop DX.

After home videos of the alleged incident with Vory and his alleged girlfriend, Meek took action. On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, a home security video showed Vory allegedly threatening to kill his girlfriend.

The video is alarming to watch because we can hear Vory allegedly threatening her. The woman seemed visibly upset during the alleged incident.

With these revelations, Meek Mill allegedly took immediate action against Vory. It ended in Meek severing ties with his new up-and-coming artist.

Vory was allegedly signed to Meek’s label “Dream Chasers.” But after these allegations, we are not sure what will happen with Vory’s music career.

We can certainly understand Meek allegedly disconnecting himself from Vory. This incident could leave a wrong impression on Meek with his fans.

It also sounds like Meek and Vory had other issues. As we all know, allegations of domestic abuse can end a career. Although we don’t have information on Vory’s girlfriend’s name, we know she wrote an alleged letter.

In the letter, she said some very horrifying things about Vory. In addition, she claims that Vory has previously assaulted her, and she has alleged proof.

Having said this, Vory could be in serious trouble if his girlfriend decided to press charges. Perhaps, that is why Meek quickly and publicly denounced Vory.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

meek mill vs vory

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