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Charleston White Threatens Boosie Allegedly Calling The FBI

Charleston White Threatens Boosie Allegedly Calling The FBI

Charleston White Threatens Boosie Allegedly Calling The FBI. The hip-hop world has become chaotic as tensions rise between two prominent figures, Charleston White and Boosie. Charleston White, a controversial social media personality, has issued threats towards Boosie over allegations that the FBI is investigating the rapper. The feud between the two has escalated quickly, sending shockwaves through the music industry.

Charleston White’s Threats

Charleston White Threatens Boosie Allegedly Calling The FBI.

Known for his blunt and often inflammatory remarks, Charleston White took to social media to express his anger towards Boosie.

White threatened to expose damaging information about Boosie in a series of posts. This could prompt an FBI investigation—if Charleston has indeed called the FBI, as Hip Hop DX stated.

Charleston alleges Boosie threatened a promoter. He claims a recorded conversation with witnesses who heard the alleged threats.

It appears that Charleston is claiming this because Boosie threatens him. However, we are not sure if there is any proof. Charleston claims he called the FBI. His rant was seen on Instagram as Charleston went on and on.

It’s not the first time Charleston claimed Boosie is allegedly out to get him. Last year, Charleston, allegedly snitched on Boosie’s son Tootie Raw. That alleged call to the police caused Tootie to go to jail.

So if Charleston is responsible for Boosie’s son going to jail, he would do the same for Boosie.

FBI Allegations Spark Tension Between Boosie and Charleston White

The allegations that the FBI is investigating Boosie because of the Charleston call are not yet substantiated. Also, Boosie has not been arrested for any such crime.

Therefore, Charleston could be just letting off some steam. It is also possible that Charleston has planned to call the FBI. Either way, these are some serious allegations to make against Boosie.

As the situation unfolds, the hip-hop world watches with bated breath. We can assume that the beef between Charleston and Boosie is not letting up.

fans and fellow artists wait anxiously to see how the situation will play out.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

charles white vs boosie

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