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Young Rapper Tay K Gets 55 Years In Prison!!!



Young rapper Tay K gets 55 years in prison. On Tuesday Taymor McIntrye was found guilty of murder and aggravated robbery. McIntrye was arrested in July 2016 and placed on house arrest.

Tay K lyrics contributed to his lengthy sentence.

Jurors used “The Race” lyrics and the accompanying video as evidence in the sentencing.  McIntrye was given 30 years for for aggravated robbery and two concurrent 13 – year prison sentences, according to XXL Mag. This is really unfortunate for the young rapper who was only 16 at the time of the murder. However,  21-year-old Ethan Walker is gone forever. And, Walker’s family may never recover such a horrific loss. On the other hand, McIntrye still has a chance to reform while in prison.

Tay K

Check out the video above for more details

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