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Young M.A. Checks Herself Into Rehab!!!



Young M.A. Checks Herself Into Rehab

 Young M.A. may be fighting the battle of her life. Just a day ago, she tweeted a message to her fans.

What kind of addiction is Young M.A. fighting?

Does it seem that drugs come with the hip-hop lifestyle? How many young rappers have had issues with drug abuse?

Recently, we lost two great rappers, DMX and Shock G. And, reports about their death were shocking. We all knew DMX had previous issues with drug abuse.

However, I don’t think Shock G’s drug use was public. Be that as it may, Young M.A. appears to be facing quite a challenge. Of course, we don’t know what kind of drug addiction she has.

Unfortunately, it was serious enough for her to admit herself to rehab. With that said, here is the message she tweeted:


Clearly, Young M.A. needed professional help. And, going to rehab meant she needed to get a handle on it, as reported by The Shade Room. Now, some would say that marijuana use is not as addictive as other drugs.

On the other hand, cocaine, crack, heroin and amphetamines can be extremely addictive. In my opinion, Young M.A. made the right decision. Often, people who abuse drugs wait until it is too late.

In the case of, DMX and Shock G it was too late to save their lives. So, I hope that Young M.A. will be successful.

Important to note, drug addiction is an uphill battle. Not many people are successful in their efforts to stop using. In fact, many have overdosed and never recover.

Such is the case with Shock G and DMX. Not to mention, long-term physical and psychological adverse effects of drug use. If you are fortunate to recover there is still a chance of relapsing.

Sadly, the use of drugs is glorified in the hip-hop culture. Almost every hip-hop video shows images of rappers partying, smoking marijuana, and drinking.

It is almost impossible to watch a TV commercial and not see alcohol. No wonder, young rappers gravitate to illegal drugs.

Granted, we all know someone who suffers from drug use. In this case, I hope that Young M.A. can get the professional help she needs.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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