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You Better Ascend Cindy!|Cindy Crawford Walks for Savage x Fenty!



Cindy Crawford walked to Gother Mambo performed by Jade Novah for the opening of Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Fashion show. Mother walked! The 55-year-old Super Model ascended a winding stairway to a platform where she stopped and stood.

What a standing it was. While her daughter continues the family tradition of modeling, it is clear that mother still has it.

Jade Novah Opens, and We have Chills!

You may recall Jade Novah as the starving artist who made it from the bottom to the top. Her impersonations overshadowed her music at the beginning of her career. She was known for impersonating the likes of Toni Braxton, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Erykah Badu, and Beyonce’.

Her rendition of ‘Gother Mamdo’, a timeless classic, showed her vocal range and solidified her instantly as a vocal force to be reckoned with. The chilling awe-inspiring intro transported us to another world with its visuals.

Rihanna Putting the Nail in Victoria’s Secret’s Coffin?

One question: How will Victoria’s Secret compete? It is well-known Rihanna likes to troll Victoria’s Secret due to a past feud between the two. It is no secret that the fashion icon is a lover and supporter of all people including the LGBTQ+iA community. She was deeply offended when Victoria’s Secret brand Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek made disparaging comments about transgender people and plus-sized women.

Rihanna Pulls no Punches When Speaking Out against Prejudice

Rihanna said in an interview with Vogue that if Victoria’s Secret dared to imitate her show it would be pandering. After all, it was brands like Victoria Secret that upheld themselves as the finest standard of modeling by presenting fantasy figures, or the best of women, which scarcely included black or curvy women. An alleged reason for many eating disorders and body dysmorphia among female youth in the ’90s.

A Backtracking Razek: Too Little Too Late?

Razek apologized for his inflammatory comments, but what is an apology but lipservice when actions speak louder than words? A quick look at the runway history of Victoria’s Secret proves that these have been his sentiments for a long time. The brand itself, by allowing these rigid standards of beauty, has given at the very least, its tacit approval.

Rihanna has High Fashion Fashion in a Fenty Choke Hold.

Make-up brands that did not include shade ranges for the deepest darkest hues, to the palest of albino shades, are now scrambling to include broader color palettes after Rihanna shook up the industry with the makeup brand she gave her last name to; Fenty. It is clear that she is the moment and the revolution. Gatekeepers of beauty and fashion are shaken. As they should be. Rihanna has always been against bigotry, the billionairess now has the money to promote her own beliefs and its groundbreaking.

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