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Yo Gotti Hit With $6M Lawsuit Case!!!



Yo Gotti Hit With $6M Lawsuit Case

Yo Gotti hit with $6M lawsuit case. Allegedly, Gotti aka Mario Mims was suppose to do music with another artist. However, it never happened. Gotti did receive money in advance for the so-called collaboration. Now, Gotti has to pay up or else.

Gotti walked away with $20,000 in his pocket

According to Complex, Yo Gotti was supposed to put down a track with Young Fletcher, and was even paid to do so. However, it never happened. But, Gotti still cashed the check. And, Yo Gotti allegedly released a song similar to the track he was paid to do with Fletcher. Gotti then tried to recruit Fletcher for his own label. Yo Gotti was served with a lawsuit seeking over $ 6 million for damages. The judge awarded the people Gotti allegedly stuffed $2.2 million then tripled the damages as a punitive measure, according to TMZ. Gotti is being made to sell off his personal property to settle the debt.


Yo Gotti

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