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Young Rapper YBN Almighty Was Viciously Attacked In New York!!



Young Rapper YBN Almighty Was Viciously Attacked In New York

Rapper YBN Almighty was viciously attacked in New York. On Friday night the young rapper was shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue when a fight broke out. Allegedly, Jay Bradley aka YBN Almighty and his crew were in the store when things got heated.

YBN Almighty was robbed and beaten badly

XXL Mag reported that Bradley was beaten and his jewelry was stolen. Allegedly, their were two groups of young men in Saks. Rapper Lil T Jay was allegedly involved in the altercation along with his crew. Allegedly, YBN Almighty and Lil T Jay had words and then the fight broke out once they were all outside of the store. Apparently, the altercation was caught on tape. Bradley was taken to the hospital a treated. He is expected to make a full recovery, thankfully.


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