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Why Kmart’s Nicki Minaj clothing brand was “ShEthered.”



NIcki Minaj and Remy Ma

The near undisputed Queen of rap Nicki Minaj experienced many failures when it comes to selling her Kmart fashions as Rihanna has of success with selling her Savage Fenty line. When it comes to the fashion-forward Kar-Jenner clan, it is clear to anyone paying attention that the women they receive the most inspiration from are superstar powerhouses; Beyonce’ Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, known as the Holy Trinity to fans belonging to the Navy, the Beyhive, and the Barbs (the names of each woman’s fan/stan base).

Kmarts Nicki Minaj Clothing Brand

This failure begs the question: How could a woman so fashion-forward fail so miserably in the area of fashion? The question requires a bit of a background on Kmart and its standing at the time of acquiring the grossly imitated rapper’s clothing line. Kmart entered American lives in 1912 via the S.S. Kresge Company in Delaware. In 1916, Kresge incorporated a new S.S. Kresge Company taking over the operations of the original company, which became the Kmart company.

Kmart went from being as common as Walmart to becoming a stigmatized social shame in the 1990s. Call it bad business or poor reputation management, Kmart closed hundreds of stores before acquiring their Nicki Minaj clothing line. They thought they could redeem their company with the name of Nicki Minaj. 

At a Glance: Nicki Minaj’s Clothing Brand style

At a glance, the Nicki Minaj clothing line gives fashion nova vibes. Many of the items are loud and sexy with forgiving stretch panels, offering a very kind silhouette to the wearers. With or without Nicki Minaj, the store was suffering from bankruptcy after bankruptcy, folding under its own management. Something Nicki Minaj was not responsible for. 

On December 27, 2011, after an entirely uneventful holiday sales season, Sears Holdings of the Kmart company announced that 100 to 120 Sears and Kmart stores would close. Kmart had become an endangered species of a company prior to Nicki Minaj joining forces with them in 2013.

Remy Ma’s Open Opportunity: Shether

Adding to all of this, Remy Ma released her Shether diss track against the Anaconda rapper in 2017, gripping the American masses for months. Nicki Minaj’s career took a hit that would bounce back eventually, but Kmart pulled the clothing line after selling it for 50% off. After Shether, the cost would outweigh the benefit. 

The clothing collection, once inspired by the rapper’s own wardrobe, especially her love of neon colors and prints, is no more. While you may be able to find complete wardrobes available online, they are no longer in factory distribution. Much like Beyonce’ and her House of Dereon experience, the rapper singer-songwriter’s fashion endeavors suffered a loss but not a defeat. Her Fendi Prints On Collection, Giuseppe Zanotti shoe edition, diesel coat, and other fashion successes prove that it was just bad business with Remy Ma on top.

Stan: an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity; a pop-culture term inadvertently created by rap superstar Marshall “Eminem” Mathers via a song he wrote called Stan about a fan who committed suicide.

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