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Why Boosie’s Movie Trailer Got Less Support Than 50 Cents?!?!?



Why Boosie's Movie Trailer Got Less Support Than 50 Cents

The rapper Torrence “Boosie Badazz” Hatch movie premiered last Friday. However, Boosie did not get the support he was hoping for. At least, that is what comedian/actor Lil Duval said.

Lil Duval Shames The Rappers

Lil Duval has an issue with the lack of support for Boosie. The movie trailer for Boosies Biopic “My Struggle” did not get much support. Lil Duval had no issue pointing out 50 Cent’s premiere for “Black Mafia Family” was attended by many well-known rappers, as reported by Hip Hop DX. However, Boosie did not get the same treatment. It wasn’t that Lil Duval was upset with 50 Cent’s support. But Lil Duval was disappointed about the turnout at Boosie’s movie trailer.

Is it possible that Boosie has burned too many bridges? Could this be why some “A” list rappers did not attend his movie trailer? Or is 50 Cent name a bigger draw than Boosies” Of course, we may never know what happened? But one thing is certain Lil Duval had no issue blasting people for lack of support for Boosie. Here is some of what Lil Duval said,

lil duval

So far, we have not heard anything from Boosie. Maybe, after people see the actual movie they will be impressed. On the other hand, Boosie’s family was in full force at the premiere movie trailer. At the end of the day, family support is most important. Wouldn’t you agree?


Check out the video above for more details.

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