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Why Are Music Moguls Jay Z Diddy And Dre Not Billionaires?|Throwback



Why Are Music Moguls Jay Z Diddy And Dre Not Billionaires

Sean Combs, Sean Carter and Andre Young are the wealthiest hip hop music moguls. However,neither has reached billionaire status yet. It is hard to believe that with all the record sells, merchandise deals, and business ventures these rap legends are only millionaires.

Here are each of the music moguls net worth

Jay Z has a net worth of over $900 million without adding his wife Beyonce money to the pot. Diddy net worth is a little over $825 million and Dr. Dre is slightly behind with  net worth over $770 million, according to High Nobriety. Clearly, each are close to becoming billionaires but what is stopping them? Is it possible that Jay Z will reach the threshold first?

rapper jay diddy n dre

Check out the video above for more details

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