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Whose Diss Track Was Better Remy Or Nas???|Throwback



Whose Diss Track Was Better Remy Or Nas

Whose diss track was better Remy or Nas? That seems to be the question in the hip hop community. Especially, since Remy laid Nicki to rest on a diss track titled “shETHER.” Some are saying that Remy diss was the best. Remy laid bars over New York rap legend Nas diss track to Jay Z”eTHER.” However according to a article in Water cooler convo’s Remy hit the ball out of the park. Here is what the author, Darren W. Jackson had to say:

“In the rap game, healthy competition has always been a driver for greatness, and every rapper wants to have a legitimate claim to top spot. But for woman rappers, the field has been pretty thin recently. Coming out of the early 2000’s, big names like Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, and Remy Ma all faded for one reason or another, and Nicki Minaj filled the vacuum they left. So it’s only natural that someone would challenge Nicki Minaj eventually, and Remy Ma didn’t come to play any games.


nicki n remy ma

Check out the video above for more details

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