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Who Was Really Involved in Malcolm X Death?!?!?!?



Who Was Really Involved In Malcolm X Death

Who Was Really Involved In Malcolm X Death? Hold on to your seats. This new information will blow your mind.

New information on the death of Malcolm X

Who was really involved in Malcolm X Death?  It has been over 56 years since we lost Malcolm X. There are new allegations surrounding the death of Civil Rights leader Malcolm X. Undercover officer Ray Wood was involved in the plot to murder Malcolm, as reported by ABC News.

A letter sent by Ray’s family reveals that he was involved in the plot to murder Malcolm. Like most people in our community I was suspicious about what we were told happened to our beloved Malcolm.

Most of us knew that there were three members of the Nation of Islam convicted of Malcolm’s murder. But what we did not know was how deep this conspiracy went.

With that being said, undercover officer Ray Wood made a death bed confession. I was not shocked about how the FBI and the NYPD recruited  Ray. However, I could not believe that a black officer was involved.

Important to note, Malcolm’s door security guards were arrested days before. In doing so, Malcolm’s security staff was cut short. Therefore, allowing the plot against him to be carried out successfully.

But for me the kicker is, officer Ray believed he was tricked into betraying his own people. And in his own words, he felt remorse. Nevertheless, it now appears that there will be an investigation.

And, you can bet that Malcolm’s family will be at the forefront.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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