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Where Was Blacc Sam During Nipsey Tribute At BET Awards???



Where Was Blacc Sam During Nipsey Tribute At BET Awards

Where was Blacc Sam during Nipsey tribute at BET Awards? Some people are wondering where was Nipsey’s brother. Everyone in Nipsey’s immediate family was on the stage. Nipsey received posthumously the Humanitarian Award from BET.

Where is Blacc Sam?

Although no one made mention of Nipsey’s big brother, Blacc Sam, it was certainly the case that his absence didn’t go unnoticed. It was clear that some had questions after the show aired. Is it possible that Sam could not emotionally handle another tribute to his brother, Nipsey? Could it be that his grieving is too insurmountable? Or was he just too consumed with trying to handle all Nipsey’s business affairs? Whatever the case maybe it was really odd not to see him.

blacc sam n nipsey

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