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What Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye?



Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is an African American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Fetty Wap was born Willie Junior Maxwell II on June 7, 1991. Fetty Wap’s commercial debut single, called “Trap Queen” was released through iTunes on December 15, 2014. The Paterson, New Jersey native rose to fame after his debut single “Trap Queen” reached number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 2015.  The song was produced by Tony Fadd. 

Fetty Wap: Eyes on the Prize

Fetty Wap was as prolific in the studio as he is outside of the studio when it comes to procreation. Fetty Wap has at least five baby mamas and six children. Fetty’s baby mamas include Ariel Reese, Lezhae Zeona, Elaynna Parker, Masika Kalysha, and his current girlfriend, Turquoise Miami. Fetty reportedly had one child with each of these women except for Lezhae, with whom he shares two children.

What Happened to Fetty Wap’s Career?

In 2017, Fetty Wap was found guilty of defamation. Shawna Morgan, his former employee, whom he had promised to pay a percentage of tour money, sued him. He falsely accused her of stealing money from him among other false allegations. Fetty ended up paying her approximately $1 million.


According to reputable sources concerning Celebrity Net Worth, Fetty Wap is currently worth around $8 million. Nearly a decade later after success, failure, and children the people want to know one thing: What happened to Fetty Waps eye? When it comes to Google searches on Fetty Wap concern about this backstory ranks highest. He avoided answering the media about his eye because the rumors served as excellent publicity.


What Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye?

He did, however, finally address rumors about his eye in an interview with Bugsy and Dj Self of Gwinin Entertainment. The public was expecting for him to have been shot in his eye or head due to the rough neighborhood he comes from but he said simply, “ I had congenital glaucoma” The doctor was able to save one of his eyes but unfortunately not the other. That’s the entire story. No glorious gunshot survival after being chased down by a rival gang, just a routine yet rare medical condition resulting in surgery.

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