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What Does Rahiem Say About Afrika Bambaataa?!?!



What Does Rahiem Say About Afrika Bambaataa?

What Does Rahiem Say About Afrika Bambaataa? I have heard rumors about Afrika. However, could there be any truth to the allegations.

Did Rahiem the inside scoop on Afrika Bambaataa?

What does Rahiem say about Afrika Bambaataa? In this explosive interview on Hip Hop Uncensored Rahiem gives details about Afrika’s alternative lifestyle.

I thought it was interesting what Rahiem revealed. Especially, about the laws in New York which permit 17 year – old’s to have consensual sex.

Moreover, Rahiem mentioned during his interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt Afrika was known as homosexual.

In fact, Rahiem talked about witnessing a situation which confirmed it. But what a lot of people in the music industry are saying allegedly Afrika had taken advantage of underage boys.

In March 2016, allegations that Bambaataa sexually abused activist Ronald Savage surfaced. Savage claimed that he was sexually abused by Bambaataa while a DJ in 1980.

Although, Afrika has completely denied any sexual involvement with Ronald or other underage boys. The rumors have caused some to discredit any contribution Afrika has made to hip hop music.

Keep in mind, that Ronald later recanted his story about Afrika. And, some say Afrika had something to do with it.

Be that as it may, there has never been any court case against Afrika. At lease none that have been publicized.

raheim n afrika

Check out the video above for more details.

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