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What Did Dennis Rodman Do In ’48 Hours In Vegas’ ?!?!



dennis rodman las vegas

Dennis Rodman spending ’48 Hours In Vegas’ during the 97-98 season was briefly captured in ESPN’s ‘Last Dance’. Now, it will be made into a film for Lionsgate.

Dennis Rodman Ready To Tell It All?

Is Dennis Keith Rodman is ready to tell it all?

In the midst of the pandemic, all major sports were halted right from the start.

So it was a welcome diversion from what was going on all around us when ESPN and Netflix aired ‘The Last Dance’.

dennis rodman in the last dance

This documentary 10-episode mini-series and told the story of the rise of superstar Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during the ’90s.

With a particular focus on their last season (97-98), the doc was called ‘The Last Dance” because everyone expected it to be the last season for both Michael Jordan, and the coach, Phil Jackson.

Alongside MJ, also featured was Scottie Pippin, Coach Phil Jackson, and of course, Dennis Rodman.

Highly anticipated, the successful run of ‘The Last Dance’ birthed another film.

During the doc, a brief peek at Dennis Rodman taking a 48-hour break from basketball was explored.

Where did he go? Las Vegas, of course.

Rodman Known For His Antics Off The Court As Much As He Is For His Fierce Style On The Court

Dennis Keith Rodman is known for his fierce defense, most notably for the Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan.

Among his accomplishments on the court –

  • NBA Hall of Famer
  • 8-Time All-Defensive Honoree
  • 7-Time Champion in Rebounds
  • 5-Time NBA Champion
  • 2-Time Defensive Player Of The Year
  • 2-Time All-NBA Selection
  • 2-TIme All-Star

Not to be denied, Rodman was a beast on the court. But his off-court antics got just as much play.

Nicknamed ‘The Worm’, Rodman left the team right spank in the middle of the 97-98 season to head to Las Vegas, Nevada.

After being burnt out, DR needed a break.

With permission from the powers that be, he was granted 48 hours to do whatever he wanted.

So what all really went down in Sin City? We are about to find out.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Not this time.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are set to produce the film with the working title, ’48 Hours In Vegas’.

Dennis will serve as an Executive Producer.

Will you be watching?

dennis rodman 48 hours in vegas

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