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Wendy Williams Has More Health Issues!!!



Wendy Williams Has More Health Issues

Wendy Williams Has More Health Issues. Wendy is taking time off from her talk show. This is not the first time Wendy has taken time off due to her health.

Wendy’s doctor puts her out of work

Wendy Williams has more health issues. Wendy has been working from home like most Americans. Especially, as a result of the Corona pandemic. We all have been affected by Covid -19 in one way or another. And, Wendy has been experiencing some fatigue. According to People, Wendy is now being treated for Grave’s disease. Her doctor has recommended that Wendy take some time off from “The Wendy Show” so she can rest and regroup.

Unfortunately, Wendy was diagnosed with Grave’s disease a few years back. There are times when the disease can be controlled with medication. But there are times with even medication the disease can get out of control. Like most Autoimmune diseases Grave’s can be very unpredictable.

I am hoping that Wendy will get better soon. Who will ever forget that Wendy passed out during her Halloween show. In fact, Wendy’s video went viral. In addition, Wendy took time off when she fractured her shoulder. Then Wendy took time off to enter rehab. Also, Wendy and her former husband Kevin were in a midst of a messy divorce. No wonder Wendy is taking another necessary break. I wish her nothing but the best.

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