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Was XXXtentacion’s Murder An Inside Job?



xxxtentacion's sister believes his murder was an inside job

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast host O’God and Sam Ant discuss new developments in the murder of rapper XXXtentacion. XXXtentacion’s sister thinks his murder was an inside job. Was XXXtentacion’s murder an inside job?

Was XXXtentacion’s murder a inside job?

Ariana Onfroy is the half sister of murdered rapper XXXtentacion. Onfroy mentioned in an interview with the Sun that she believes her brothers death seemed to be very strange. Here is some of what she said during the interview:

“Somebody that was close to him knew where he was going to be at the exact time and in that exact place. He didn’t make any big announcement that I’m going to be here to get a bike’ or something like that.”

Onfroy added that she’s convinced the murder, which took place June 18, 2018 at a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, was “definitely set up” because those who have been charged in connection with his death so far knew the “exact time” to be on the scene.

Was XXXtentaction’s Sister Correct?  Was XXXtentacion’s Murder an Inside Job?

What were the chances of the killers being at the motorcycle place at the same time XXXtentacion was buying a bike. It was definitely not a coincidence.

All of the alleged suspects are in custody of the police. Michael Boatwright one of the four suspects claims that prosecutors are withholding information that would be of assistance in his case including arrest warrant and affidavits, according to Complex website.

Robert Allen from Broward County was the second suspect to be arrested. Allen was seen on the surveillance tape outside of the motorcycle dealership a little before XXXtentacion was gunned down. Also, suspects Travon Newsome and Dedrick Williams are in police custody. They were all indicted for first – degree murder and armed robbery.

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