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Was Kodak The Target In Shooting?!?!?



Was Kodak The Target In Shooting.

Was Kodak The Target In Shooting? Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow this Miami rapper.

Who is trying to kill Kodak?

Was Kodak the target in shooting? Allegedly, there is a hit out on the popular rapper. In fact, during the shooting Kodak’s guard was seriously injured.

Police sources reported to TMZ that they are investigating producer Southside. Allegedly Southside made threats against Kodak on Instagram.

However, law enforcement do not have any suspects at this time. Nor do they have any names to report. What we do know is that someone may be out to kill Kodak.

With that said, it was early  last Monday morning when Kodak was at a fast food joint when shots rang out. The shooter opened fire out of a car that was tailing the entourage.

Of course, fortunately Kodak was not hit by the barrage of gunfire. But this is very alarming. If I was Kodak I would stay out of sight. In addition, Kodak might have to invest in a bullet proof vest.

In light of what happened, Kodak may need to re-evaluate his life style. Certainly, the hip hop community is not prepared to lose another rapper.

Within the last few years young rappers have been murdered in a rapid pace. When will this kind of senseless violence end. Here is what I don’t understand, what are these young rappers really beefing about? SMH!!!

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Check out the video above for more details.

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