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Waka Flocka Claims He Is Broke!!!!



Waka Flocka Claims He Is Broke.

Waka Flocka Claims He Is Broke. The pandemic has ruin many peoples finances. Now, we find out that Waka was affected as well.

Is Waka really broke?

Waka Flocka claims he is broke. Some sources are saying that Waka is not actually broke. In fact, there are different kinds of broke.

For the average person broke is having nothing at all. However, for others, such as entertainers broke could be no investments.

So, is Waka saying that because he has no new money coming in? Or is he saying that he has no new income.  In other words, Waka was not able to perform doing the pandemic.

He even admitted that his mother Deb suggested that he save money, as reported by The Source.

Apparently, Waka did not take her advice. And, as a result he lost millions. Also, Waka admitted that” he goes back to zero every year, in his own words.

Be that as it may, will Waka have to file bankruptcy? Is it possible that Waka just needs to perform before the years end? Can Waka recover his losses?

Whatever the case, Waka does have the ability to make more money. Especially, since he does have his own reality TV show “Waka & Tammy.” With the new season on WE TV starting maybe Waka can get regain some of what he has lost.

With that said, Waka listen to your mom. She has been in the game a long time. Fortunately, for you, Waka you have the opportunity to get money consistently. Use your celebrity platform wisely.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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