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Wack 100 Wages War On T.I.!!!!



Wack 100 Wages War On T.I.

Wack 100 Wages War On T.I. What is really going on? Did T.I. and Tiny commit these sexual crimes? And, was Wack’s daughter a victim?

Is Wack 100 accusations true?

Wack 100 wages war on T.I. All of the news outlets are talking about T.I. and Tiny. Now, I don’t know if Wack has inside information. But it is a possibility he may.

Or could it be that Wack is taking advantage of T.I. and Tiny’s situation. Be that as it may, Wack seems to have placed himself in the middle, as reported by HipHop DX.

Of course, it is not the first time Wack has sounded off. Throughout the years, Wack has been involved in all sorts of beef with rappers.

With that said, Wack posted on his Instagram this message:

 “I don’t give a fuck maybe I’m the last one left friend family homeboy it don’t matter when foul shit going on the community needs to know so they can PROTECT the community. I didn’t commit the acts or write up the article but the STREETS , the INDUSTRY the WORLD needs to fuck know. Nigga drug my daughter he got led poisoning coming believe that. #FootInTheVagina #FuckingMonsters #BillCosbyRKellyAllInOne.”

In my opinion, what Wack said could bring a lot of heat his way.   For making the comparison of T.I. and Tiny to R Kelly and Bill Cosby. We all know that Both Bill and Robert are serving time for sexual crimes.

Although, T.I. and Tiny’s attorney Steve Sadow is claiming they are innocent. I don’t see the charges against T.I. and Tiny going away any time soon.

It is important to note, the women who are accusing T.I. and Tiny appear to be ready for battle. Especially, since the woman (Sabrina Peterson) hired an attorney. As always, we will bring you updates.

wack 100 v ti

Check out the video above for more details.

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