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USA Men Basketball Team Wins Gold At Tokyo Olympics!!!!



USA Men Basketball Team Wins Gold At Tokyo Olympics

The USA men’s basketball team pulled it off. It was NBA champion Kevin Durant that lead the charge. Just when people thought it could not be done. Kevin and his teammates won. The final score was 87-82.

Kevin Durant Made History

Kevin etched his name in history as the United States’ all-time leading Olympic scorer. Earlier, during the games, the USA men’s basketball team suffered a loss to France (83-76). But they have proven that you can’t count the USA out. The USA has four consecutive gold medals. Kevin admitted that it was not easy to beat France.

“We went through some real adversity. We just fought though everything,” said Kevin Durant, who scored a game-high 29 points to cap another brilliant Olympics. “It meant a lot. France is a good team, they don’t quit. They’re a big team. They presented a big challenge. But we wanted them again. We wanted to play them again.”

And, the USA got the chance to do just that. With that said, the USA has proven once again, we are world champions, without a shadow of a doubt. Congratulations!!!!

usa mens basketball team

Check out the video to see how the USA men’s basketball team won the gold.

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