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Tyrese Just Blasts The Current State Of The Music Industry!!!!



Tyrese Just Blasts The Current State Of The Music Industry!

It’s about time someone from the music industry speaks out. Singer Tyrese Gibson goes in hard on the antics seen today with celebrities. And, we are here for it.

Is The Music Industry All Antics Not Talent?

Tyrese posted a message on his Instagram after the VMA’s aired. We are not sure whether his comments were directed to any particular artist. However, what Tyrese said came from the heart. A lot of music award shows have become alleged “smoke & mirror” shows. In other words, there are a lot of antics. Whatever happened to just stand flat foot and sing. Have large smoke machines, dancers twerking, artists levitating in mid-air, and other outrage gimmicks the norm in music, today?

Wallo267 said something very interesting on Instagram. It echoes something similar to what Tyrese meant. Has social media become the new religion? Does Wallo267 have a point? Let’s take a quick look at what Wallo267 and Tyrese said, then we will get into this a little bit.



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“Everything has become one gigantic ANTIC… Award Shows, social media, and life feels like one gigantic ANTIC. I miss the days when popularity was actually based on TALENT…. Hit records and hit movies….”

Say it again, for those in the back row, Tyrese. Tyrese then went on to say, he is just going to sit back and watch the “s-t show…I guess it’s all for entertainment right? Lol.” “Whatever it takes just [to] go viral.” Fans in his comment section totally agreed with Tyrese. One person mentioned that this generation feeds on behaviors that boost record sales, as reported by Atlanta Black Star. Is this what Lil Nas X and other music artists are doing? We have seen some of the most outrageous antics by today’s artists. Certainly, some of today’s artists are very talented. But how will we ever know about their talent if we only see gimmicks? Some artists push the envelope farther and farther.

With that being said, are Tyrese and others like him haters?  Do we want to teach our children anything goes? Where do we push the stop button? Evidently, selling records has become more important than artistry and talent. What are your thoughts?


Check out the video above for more details.

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