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Tyrese And Dame Dash Chop It Up About Boss Moves!!



Tyrese And Dame Dash Chop It Up About Boss Moves

R & B singer and businessman Tyrese and music mogul Dame Dash posted some words of wisdom on Instagram. It was a very friendly conversation between two boss businessmen. It was clear that Dame had spoken with Tyrese before about making power moves.

Tyrese and Dame both say don’t take 360 slave deal

Dame Dash and Tyrese Gibson are legends. Each of these men have proven that you can be successful without selling out. In fact, during their live conversation, Tyrese spoke about remaining independent as an music artist. Also,Tyrese talked about how artist should be thinking in terms of creating opportunities for generational wealth.

What are the implications if Tyrese and Dame Dash as well as many other artists agree the deal is a bad idea?

If this kind of dialogue catches on, then what kind of impact will it have on the music industry? Maybe something will finally change and artists will be able to make more money for their effort.

tyrese and dame dash


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