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Trick Daddy Was Arrested In Miami!!!



Trick Daddy Was Arrested In Miami

Trick Daddy Was Arrested In Miami. The famous southern rapper Maurice Samuel Young aka Trick Daddy was stopped by police in Dade county Florida.

Trick Daddy is the star of Love & Hip Hop Miami

Trick Daddy Was Arrested In Miami. On Saturday morning Trick Daddy was pulled over by police who claimed he hitting signs and running lights, as reported by The Miami Herald. When the police asked Trick Daddy if he was drinking he answered yes. In fact, Trick Daddy admitted that he had five drinks. But Trick Daddy failed to mention that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

I can’t say that I remember some of Trick Daddy’s song but apparently he became famous for”I am Thug.” Also, I don’t know why Trick Daddy would not have pulled over. Didn’t he realize he was to drunk to drive? Be that as it may, Trick Daddy was arrested and given the fine of $5000 for possession of cocaine. And, Trick Daddy was also charged with a fine of $1000 for driving while intoxicated. It really bothers me that people drive while drunk. I am glad that no one was hurt including Trick Daddy. Hopefully, Trick Daddy will not make the mistake of driving while drinking. SMH!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Trick Daddy is a actor on the hit reality TV show, Love & Hip Hop Miami which is back for another season on the VH1 network.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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