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Trick Daddy Disses Jay-Z & Beyoncé!!!



Trick Daddy Disses Jay-Z & Beyoncé

Trick Daddy Disses Jay-Z & Beyoncé. Wrong move for Trick Daddy to make. Because the Beyhive comes for him.

Isn’t Trick Daddy entitled to his opinion?

In a clubhouse recording audio of Trick Daddy talking about Jay Z and Beyonce leaked. And, what Beyonce and Jay Z fans heard upset them.

The former rapper turned reality TV star went in on The Carters. It makes you wonder if Trick Daddy is “Clout Chasing?” Or does he think his opinion is relevant?

At any rate, social media is ripping him a new one, so to speak, as reported by Complex. And, the Beehive aka Bey hive has a lot to say about his comments. Here is some of what Trick allegedly said in that leaked audio:



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With that being said, do you think anyone from Jay’s or Beyonce’s camp will address him? Normally, Jay will address his haters in a song.

But I am not sure if Beyonce will respond. For the most part, people love Beyonce’s music. And, you rarely hear Beyonce say anything negative in the media.

However, does Trick Daddy have a legitimate point? Can you compare Beyonce’s voice to another female vocalist? Especially, great singers such as the late Whitney Houston or Jennifer Hudson.

I could name a list of other female singers who have phenomenal voices. In my opinion, it is difficult to make comparisons. Of course, some people do agree with Trick Daddy.

Personally, I don’t think they would say it publicly. Certainly, not going up against Jay Z.  Jay Z has been in the music game for many years.

He has staying power. You can’t say that about a lot of rappers who started out when he did. There should be no question that Jay is one of the G.O.A.T.’s.

Not to mention, Jay has parlayed his music career into a business empire. Also, how can you compare Jay Z to Christopher ” Biggie” Smalls? Their styles of rapping was not the same.

One thing is for certain, Trick Daddy was not backing down on what he said about Jay and Beyonce.

In fact, he defended his comments.  How many hip-hop heads would agree that Big could out rap Jay Z or vice versa? At any rate, it comes down to a matter of opinion, if you ask me.

How will this all play out, is the question? Will we get a new song from Jay Z dissing Trick Daddy or not? Inquiring minds want to know.

beyonce n jay vs trick daddy

Check out the video above for more details.

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