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Track Star Sha’Carri Is Going To The Olympics!!!!



Track Star Sha'Carri Is Going To The Olympics.

Track Star Sha’Carri Is Going To The Olympics. Clearly, Sha is a force to be reckoned with.

Sha’Carri secures her place in Olympics in Tokyo

The summer Olympics are upon us. And, many sports fans are looking forward to watching. For me, Track & Field are the most interesting of all the sports,

Of course, this is my opinion. But there are many who agree. With that said, Sha’Carri was up against 6 other contenders.

However, she won the coveted spot making the U.S. Olympic Track & Field team. Also, this will be her first time at the Olympics. Unfortunately, although this is a big win for Sha’Carri.

Her mother will not be here to see it. Last week, Sha’Carrie’s mother died. But, she will have the support of her beloved grandmother Betty Harp.

So, Sha’Carri celebrated her win by going into the stands and hugging her grandmother.


If you want to see love in motion, then watching Sha’Carri embrace her grandmother was priceless.

Sha’Carri was first noticed in 2019. She broke a 30-year record in the Women’s 100 Meters, as reported by Essence. In addition, Sha’Carri went pro.

Also, she signed a deal with Nike. It will be interesting to see how Sha’Carri will do in the Olympic games this summer.

There are two other runners to watch (Javianne Olive and Teahna Daniels) who both made the Olympics, as well.

Keep in mind, Sha’Carroi will be going up against the world’s best Track & Field athletes from other countries.

shar carri is going to the olympics


Check out the video above for more details.

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