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Tory Lanez Sells $1Million Copies Of NFT Album!!!



Tory Lanez Sells $1Million Copies Of NFT Album

Just a few weeks ago, Canadian rapper in a heated exchange with OG rapper Cassidy. Tory freestyled over Cassidy songs. When Cassidy got wind of it he fired shots at Tory. And, the beef re-ignited.

Tory Shut Down The Gain Sayers

Tory has found another way to sell his music. And, nobody saw it coming. Nevertheless, Tory joined with the streaming service “Emmersive Entertainment to release his “When Dark” album. What happened next was unbelievable, to say the least. In just 57 seconds Tory made history, as reported by The Source. Tory completely cut out the middleman. Tory managed to do what most young rappers can only dream about. The Emmersive Entertainment app is planning on launching on Apple and Andriod.

Surely, you all want to know what an NFT is at this point.

“A NFT stands for Non-fungible Token. “Non-fungible” means it’s unique and cannot be replaced by anything else. A non-fungible token is a piece of data stored on a digital ledger, known as a blockchain, that certifies that a digital asset is unique and therefore not interchangeable. Photographs, videos, audio files, and other digital files can be represented by NFT, which was pointed out by hip hop uncensored writer Choclit Angel.”

All of this success comes on the heels of Tory being hit with a court violation. Let me refresh your memory, Tory got in trouble because he was invited on stage to rap with DaBaby. And, rapper Megan Thee Stallion was also performing at the same concert. The Rolling Loud concert which was held in Miami last month was one of the biggest summer jams. Of course, a lot of rappers were performing. Unfortunately, prosecutors held Tory in contempt of the restraining order put in place by Megan. Check out how the incident led to Megan getting a restraining order against Tory.

Needless to say, Tory had to make a court appearance. Prosecutors in the case said Tory was in direct violation of the restraining order. Therefore, Tory had to post a higher bail amount to stay out of jail. The bail went from $190k to $250K. This was Tory’s last warning,  if Tory is found in violation again he will go directly to jail. So, getting the good news about his music lightened his mood. Tory celebrated by going live on Instagram to break the news to his loyal fans.

. “1 million copies sold in 57 seconds. Revolutionary….. historical … innovative & a huge success. #WhenItsDark E-NFT sold the f*ck out !!!! #lomo thank u …. #emmersive .. thank u !! #vinco thank you !!!… I’m at a lost for words !!! I’ve never sold this much music so fast !!! I guess when u cut the bullsh*t of the middle man, u become king !!!”

Looks like Tory is paving a path for other rappers to follow. Hopefully, more young rappers will sell their music in the same fashion. This could cut off major music labels from robbing rappers with the 360 Slave Deal. Way to go, Tory!!!

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Check out the video above for more details.

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