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Tory Lanez Dream City Helps Covid 19 Families!!!



Tory Lanez Dream City Helps Covid 19 Families

With help from his new live Instagram show, Tory Lanez starts Dream City; helps Covid 19 families. So far it has been really successful.

Covid 19 Inspired Tony To Launch A Fund

So many of us have been affected by this Coronavirus pandemic. Some people have lost loved ones, jobs and housing because of Covid 19. With the launch of the Dream City Fund, Tory has helped provide meals and 100,000 diapers to families in need, as reported by Complex. The Canadian born music producer, rapper, songwriter and composer admits that his Quarantine Radio show inspired him to give back. Here is what Tory said:

“It’s very important for any artist to give back because at some point you were regular, too, Lanez told CNN when announcing the campaign. “At some point, you were a regular person just like everyone else,” Lanez said. “I always tell artists people feel exactly how you (felt) when you were in that place.”

Personally, I think the fact that Tory lost his mother at 11 -years old and that his son suffers with respiratory issues were determining factors for launching the Dream City fund. Some artists like Tory really understand that using the platform they were given to help the less fortunate is important. Also, Tory goes on to say that some people are struggling to get through this crisis. And, if he can help single women with children by providing the support they need, why not do so?

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