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Torey N Cassidy Beef Is The Nature Of Hip Hop!!!



Torey N Cassidy Beef Is The Nature Of Hip Hop

We must not forget that the history of rap is based on rap battles. In the Bronx, the street battles bought the crowd. One of the first rap battles took place with Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee Starski in 0981. We did not have much on video back then. But clearly, the rap battle was real.  The most talented and most competitive won the street competitions.  Further down the line, Nas Ether, Remy Ma ethers became the norm. Nowadays, it appears to be Young against OG’s. A writer for Complex shared this very interesting perspective,

“When MCs go to war, battle rap is hip-hop’s most respected platform to send a vitriolic lyrical message to an opponent that hits like a one-two punch. Assassinating another rapper with rhymes both quick-witted and clever is a crowning achievement in the game.”

Is It Time For New School Rappers To Respect OG’s?

Do you remember when Brian “Birdman” Williams told hosts of “The Breakfast Club”, “Put Some Respect On My Name”, well, that should be happening with new school rappers? Contrary to popular belief, the new school does not cancel out old school rap. How could it? Why is there hostility as it relates to battle rap? Just like Birdman told Charlamagne, there should be a level of respect given to anyone. Of course, the situation with Birdman was about something different. Basically, the conversation is about respect.  And, as it relates to Cassidy vs . Tory, it’s about giving each other respect. I don’t think Cassidy would have been so upset with Tory. If only Tory would have given him some respect. For whatever reason, Tory did not think he need do so.

Although Cassidy and Tory are now at odds battle rap is common. Even, Verzuz’s although friendly competition is based on the same idea. Would you agree?

With that said, it should not be surprising that Tory answered Philly rapper Cassidy back with a rap song. We knew it was just a matter of time. The diss track “When Its Dark” freestyle was released on video, as reported by Hip Hop DX.

Of course, this was the clap back. just days before Cassidy’s song “Perjury” dissing Tory was released. It appears Tory allegedly freestyled over Cassidy’s music. Then all hell broke loose, so to speak.

When Cassidy was interviewed by hosts O’God and SamAnt he talked about it in detail. This brings to mind the question, shouldn’t there be a level of respect for what the OG’s bought to hip hop? Why should there be any conflict? Clearly, the OG’s and Youngin’s have contributed to the evolution of rap culture. Also, there are always going to be different perspectives in relation to who raps the best. It is all about personal preferences.

In my opinion, healthy competition is good. As long as it is kept respectful. Although, this could get really mess with Cassidy and Tory. What are your thoughts? Do you think Tory has no respect for Cassidy? Do you think youngins should respect OG’s?

cassidy vs tory

Check out the video above for more details.

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