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Top 5 Songs By Ja Rule!!!



ja rule on stage

Top 5 songs by Ja Rule. At 45 years old, Jeffrey Bruce Atkins (aka Ja Rule) has many hits under his belt.

Due to battle it out in an upcoming Versuz show with Fat Joe, lets’s check out this rapper’s top 5 singles of all time.

Here Are Ja Rule’s Top 5 Singles

ja rule top 5

1. Holla Holla

Ja hit this one up solo.

2. Between Me And You

“Between Me and You” features Christina Milian.

3. Always On Time

Often collaborating with Ashanti, she appears on “Always On Time”.

4. Wonderful

Another Ashanti collab, Wonderful also features R. Kelly.

5. Down For You

Appearing on Irv Gotti Presents Inc., “Down For You” features Ja, along with Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, and Vita.

Will we be hearing any of these hits in his upcoming battle with Fat Joe?

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