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Top 5 LL Cool J Songs For Femmes



LL Cool J and his wife Simone Smith

Feminine women and femmes in general love songs that prove we are powerful in our femininity. As much as men love the way songs like Cater 2 u by Destiny’s child feels, the ladies love being told by the masculine energy that they are weak for us as well. This is a list of LL Cool J femme favorites. After all, it is the ladies that inspired the “Ladies Love” or L.L. front portion of his stage name. These are the top 5 LL Cool J songs for femmes:

1.Going back to Cali (1988)

What woman wouldn’t love to be the reason the east coast rapper left Queens, New York to head back west? There is a victorious seduction of the feminine that overpowers the Any Given Sunday actor, we love it. In the song, LL Cool J is confused by us native women of the American west coast evidenced by his musing, ” I’m going back to Cali… I don’t think so.” Decisive and doubtful in one line. With his manhood manipulated by the power of a woman’s beauty, the apple-biting, lip-licking, Ladies Love Cool James brought his big head back out to Los Angeles, California so he could yield some more. A sweet defeat. When you are a rapper from the ’80s with a gold record sampled by the late Notorious B.I.G, for an 11x platinum album, the ladies have to give up a standing ovation, and a little bit more according to his autobiography. Clearly iconic.

2. I Need Love (1987)

The Baby Boomers, Gen-Xrs, Millenials, Gen X, and even the Silent Generation can’t stop singing this hook! From Hip-hop to Tik Tok, the hit won’t stop. Surprisingly enough, most seasoned hip-hop fans can recite the lyrics with proficiency by heart. Easy enough to learn, profound enough to cause an emotional stir. One of the few songs distinguishable in the first few seconds by just three notes! You don’t need to hear any more than this to be certain of what you are listening to. I Need Love peaked at #12 on Billboard, which is saying a lot given the hostile reception of hip-hop as a genre in the ’80s. We fell for the former bad boy’s honesty in this song but, we’d been had; hoodwinked, bamboozled, and run amuck.

3. Doin’ It (1996)

At number 3 on our Top 5 LL Cool J Songs for Femmes is Doin’ It. His wife hates this song, for a reason. The lust is palpable and intoxicating. Many of us femmes were willing to forget the sex-symbol’s wife of over 25 years, Simone Smith, exists. This song carries the lusty air of a Prince song. Both the song and the music video were censored due to their suggestive nature! If he wasn’t sexy enough (and he was), the coffee-colored woman in the music video, as well as the woman singing the hook with that Brooklyn-native enunciation of the letter D, were both so erotic many of us had to turn it off around our families. That Brooklyn accented letter D is pronounced more like the Z. Its popularity the reason daddy as a slang term is currently spelled zaddy although phonetically it should sound more like dzaddy). The D is still there but it is dragged out with the buzzing sound of the letter Z. Big up to Brooklyn for its contribution to AAVE (African American Vernacular English)I represent Queens, she was raised out in Brooklyn!” Now if I were to continue, the next set of lyrics would be, ” I wanna hit it in the worst way…” I won’t go there, but you can:

Around the way girl (1990)

Exiting our explicit tour of Erotic City with LL Cool J, we come to the next iconic hit song on our list. At number 2 on our list of the Top 5 LL Cool J songs for Femmes is Around the Way Girl. With all of the cultural appropriation of African American culture perpetrated by the celebrity likes of Kim Kardashian, the Around the Way girl look is all the rage. However, in the ’90s Black American women were hit with an abundance of racial stereotypes for sporting, “extensions in her hair, bamboo earrings, at least two pair.” LL Cool J made us feel seen, heard and appreciated with this one. It’s why the ladies love him. The song empowered us. Every woman knew the first line of the song if she didn’t know anything else… and the hook. Decades later our ghetto rejected inner-city fashions would prove to be as fashion-forward as ever, and LL Cool J called it. Now, look at mainstream America trying to catch up.

Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)

You may not want to hear this but women have testosterone too. Every now and then we want to snatch off these bamboo earrings and get to work on a frenemy, co-worker, or even a college professor. The fire of inspiration that this song carries is rarely matched. The lyrics to this song were turned nearly into a negro spiritual as a speech by Serena Williams in a Nike commercial selling her image as the GOAT along with a product. Lyrics fit for the GOAT, have to be written by one. In conclusion, the ladies still love that cool rapping, acting, father, philanthropist, legendary, James.

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