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Today in Hip Hop History : 3rd Bass the Cactus Album was Released



3rd base cactus album

The Cactus Album Was Released

“The Cactus Album”, an album by 3rd Bass, was released today. “The Cactus Album”, the debut album by hip hop trio, 3rd Bass, peaked at #5 on Billboard’s top Hip Hop/R&B albums and peaked at #55 on Billboard’s top 200 chart. Despite these ratings, “The Cactus Album” was critically acclaimed, with it later being named in Rhapsody’s list of “Top 10 Albums by White Rappers.”

The tracklist for “The Cactus Album” is:

  1. Stymie’s Theme
  2. Sons of 3rd Bass
  3. Russell Rush
  4. The Gas Face
  5. Monte Hall
  6. Oval Office
  7. Hoods
  8. Soul in the Hole
  9. Triple Stage Darkness
  10. M.C. Disagree
  11. Wordz of Wizdom
  12. Product of the Environment
  13. Desert Boots
  14. The Cactus
  15. Jim Backus
  16. Flippin’ off the Wall Like Lucy Ball
  17. Brooklyn – Queens
  18. Steppin’ to the A.M.
  19. Episode No. 3
  20. Who’s On Third
  21. Wordz of Wizdom 2


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