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Today In Hip Hop History – Mack Daddy Was Released | Throwback Hip Hop



Mack Daddy and Baby Got Back

Mack Daddy and Baby Got Back

Sir Mix-a-Lot released his third studio album Mack Daddy February 4, 1992. Mack Daddy was most notable for the smash hit, “Baby Got Back“. Here is a track list:

  1. “One Time’s Got No Case” 4:17 (Mix-a-Lot, Wonder)
  2. “Mack Daddy” 4:22
  3. “Baby Got Back” 4:22
  4. “Swap Meet Louie” 4:31
  5. “Seattle Ain’t Bullshittin'” 5:33
  6. “Lockjaw” 4:19
  7. “The Boss Is Back” 4:15
  8. “Testarossa” 5:08 (Mix-a-Lot, I. Hamid, T. Will)
  9. “A Rapper’s Reputation” 5:02
  10. “Sprung on the Cat” 4:30
  11. “The Jack Back” 4:56 (Mix-a-Lot, Wicked One)
  12. “I’m Your New God” 4:43
  13. “No Holds Barred” 4:05 (Mix-a-Lot, Slave)

Baby Got Back

Here is the song we all know… And the women with nice asses all love.

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