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TikTok Famous: Clare Brown @clarabellecwb



Clare Brown

35-year-old Clare Brown was originally a fashion blogger. The African American Biracial TikTok content creator went out on a limb one day creating content with racial microaggressions as a theme and became an overnight sensation. Today, Brown has over 12 million likes on her account and 234.6k followers.

Clare Brown

Clare Brown is @clarabellecwb

The comedic wife and mother, is located in Central Virginia. She says she is not sure whether her work is comedy or tragedy. Blacks are often harassed in ways by nonblacks, particularly by whites, in ways that whites do not understand as problematic.

repost: One of my first NTH videos.

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Racial Microaggressions

Often a Black American that is intelligent or articulate is ogled as a credit to his race with racial microaggressive comments like, “Wow, he speaks so well!” A back-handed compliment based on the assumption that being well-spoken was out of your racial and intellectual range.

I know what I’m talking about because I’ve seen Bridgerton.

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“You are so (blank) For a Black Person.”

Many times the names of Black people are butchered and dubbed exotic. While Quanika and DaVonte’ are seen as impossible to pronounce, their White American counterparts seamlessly pronounce the names of Arnold Schwarzenegger and other multisyllabic European first and surnames. On the flip side beautiful black American women are consistently asked if they are mixed with something else, implying that black alone cannot produce a beautiful woman. Black and African women often find themselves resisting white hands that seem to reach for their hair before asking “Can I tough your Hair?” A fascination with their hair that some whites in the comments section of Brown’s video say, “It’s a compliment!”

Reply to @stevenmedearis It’s your responsibility to educate us.

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Don’t Touch My Hair!

Black women have routinely expressed for years that the approach to touch a person’s physical body without permission qualifies as molestation moreover the approach is riddled with condescension as if one is petting a dog or farm animal rather than violating the personal boundaries of a co-equal human being.

The clock app removed this. 😑 Strange how it’s ok to lock up Black haircare products in real life but it’s not ok to talk about it…

♬ original sound – Clare

@Clarabellecwb: Uniting others across the color-line one Joke at a Time

From Instagram to Twitter Brown’s work has helped create a light and airy atmosphere for otherwise difficult discussion to be had. Several white Americans in her comments section have thanked her for showing them what they could not see before as racial microaggressive behavior. A follower of her’s once praised her for being such a prolific creator. Brown uploads regularly and the punchlines or fresh each time. Brown responded politely yet poignantly saying that unfortunately, there is an endless supply of inspiration.

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