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TI And Killer Mike Will Re Open Bankhead Seafood!!!!



TI And Killer Mike Will Re Open Bankhead Seafood

TI And Killer Mike Re Open Bankhead Seafood. This is great news for residences of the Westside of Atlanta. Especially, since the restaurant was closed in January 2018 after 50 years of service.

Historic Bankhead Seafood will reopen soon

TI and Killer Mike re open Bankhead Seafood. Both T.I. and Killer Mike were frequently visitors at the the restaurant growing up. The owner , Helen Brown Harden of the Bankhead Seafood restaurant was no longer able to keep the it open, as reported by WSB TV. The restaurant which was open for over 50 years doors closed in  January 2018. It did not take long for Mike and T.I. to decide to reopen the historic restaurant.

Also, T.I. shared his fond memories of going to Bankhead restaurant growing up. To reopen the Bankhead is great news for residence on the Westside. Not mention, it is a great venture for both T.I. and Mike who have invested in their neighborhood before. I really like the idea of T.I. and Killer Mike investing in the neighborhood they both grew up in. I wish that other celebrities would do the same. Here is what Killer Mike has to say about the joint venture with T.I.

“We’ve been around the world, we’ve had a lot of fun, but essentially we’re two kids from the Westside, Render said. “We grew up seeing black ownership in our community and we felt like if the city was going to develop, we should have some ownership stake.”

I especially, like the fact T.I. and Killer Mike are getting input from residence in the community. Getting input from the residence is a wonderful way to connect with those who will customers at the restaurant.

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