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The Weekend Wears Bandages On AMA!!!



The Weekend Wears Bandages On AMA

The Weekend Wears Bandages On AMA. The American Music Award show aired last night. The best entertainers perform each year.

Why is The Weekend really wearing bandages

The Weekend wears bandages on AMA. It appears this isn’t the first time this music artist has worn white bandages. In fact, Weekend has appeared in pubic a few times with facial injuries of some kind.

At first look, it seems the bandages are covering up scars or wounds. However, some sources are saying it is part of Weekend’s strategy to promote his new music, as reported by Fox News.

The musician shocked fans showing up with a badly bruised face. Also, we found out that in August Weekend accepted his award while wearing similar bandages. Obviously, Weekend is wearing the bizarre look in relation to his song “Blinding Lights.”

Is it just me, why would Weekend hide his handsome face with bruises and bandages? Do you think that music artist go to far with their art? Of course, I get the concept but it’s a no for me.

Some sources are suggesting that this is his alter ego look. Again, what is the point? Others are saying that Weekend is trying to make a statement about the effects of drunk driving. Be that as it may, the fake injuries are not a good look for Weekend.

In addition, Weekend performed his song on a closed Los Angeles bridge accompanied by Kenny G. The Weekend is scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show in 2021. So, it is possible that Weekend will continue to wear the bandages and bruises then, as well.

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