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The Top 5 Wildest Hip Hop Fashion Wearers!!!!



The Top 5 Wildest Hip Hop Fashions

Who wore the wildest outfit. Is it possible in this day and time to wear clothes that are completely outlandish? Or can you be as creative as you would want? When it comes to high fashion styles have certainly changed over the years. Be that as it may, here are the top 5 wildest hip-hop fashions, in my opinion.

Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion?

Before I get started, let me just say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, what I might see as unfashionable others may disagree. Personally, I think that creativity can not be put in a bottle. Nor, should there be any holds barred. With that said, here is my list of the wildest hip-hop fashions. It was a little difficult to choose who would get the coveted first spot. However, Billy Porter is certainly in a tie with Lady Gaga. At least, that is how I see it.

1 – Billy Porter

Most of us know that at the Met Gala celebrities are notorious for wearing some wild outfits. And, for me, Billy Porter tops the list. I must admit, Billy is a fashion icon. But when it comes to pushing the envelope, he does. Billy is an actor, singer, style icon, and Broadway star. Billy has won numerous awards, a Tony for Best Actor in a musical (Kinky Boots), a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Pose), and Golden Globe nomination for Pose, as well. In addition, Bill has been an advocate for “Gay Rights.”

billy porter

2 – Lady Gaga

It was really difficult for me to decide who wore the most outrageous outfits between Billy Porter and Lady GaGa. Because both music icons take fashion to an entirely different level. Stefani”Lady Gaga” Germanotta is a songwriter, activist, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, and actress. Lady Gaga has won 12 Grammy’s, an Academy Award, 3 American Music Awards. In addition, Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe Award for her acting role in “American Horror Story. Also, she co-starred alongside Bradley Cooper in the movie remake “A Star Is Born.”But some of the outfits Lady Gaga wore are really out there. Incidentally, the meat outfit Lady Gaga wore was met with a lot of controversies.

lady gaga

3- Lizzo

Let me say this, Melissa”Lizzo” Jefferson is one of the most talented women in entertainment. She is a beast with that flute. And, she should never be “body shamed.” That is not why I chose her for this list. Although, it is obvious she has worn some pretty outlandish outfits if you ask me. Lizzo is not only talented but she is beautiful. When she performs she gives it her all. In fact, there are not many women out there that could hold a candle to her talent. I’m just saying. Lizzo is a singer, songwriter, flutist, and rapper. Lizzo received stardom when she came out with the hit song “Cuz I Love You.” After that success, Lizzo was thrust into the limelight. Lizzo also had 8 Grammy nominations in 2019. Lizzo won 3 out of 8 Grammys.


4- Young Thug

The young rapper from Atlanta was on the cover of Dazed magazine in 2015. Jeffrey”Young Thug” Williams was dressed in women’s clothing. Did you know that Young Thug admitted he prefers women’s clothing rather than men’s? His explanation is women’s clothes are slimmer than men’s. Needless to say, some people began to question his sexuality. Whether you agree or not with Young Thugs style choices in clothing or not, you can’t deny his talent. He won a Grammy in 2019 for “This Is America” with Childish Gambino. Also, Young Thug is considered by some to be the most influential rapper in the 21st century, as reported by BBC culture.

young thug

5- Cardi B

Belcalis “Cardi B” Almanzar first came on my radar after watching “Love & Hip Hop New York. Although, Cardi first became well known on social media for discussing her career as a stripper. I knew when I saw her on the Reality TV Show she was going to be successful. Cardi stole almost every scene. She was funny, witty, honest, and raw. Her authenticity is probably what won over fans of the show. Cardi has become one of the most influential women of color in hip hop. She has managed to create quite a career. With the success of “Bodak Yellow,” the hits just keep coming. Especially, her collaboration with one of my favorite singers Bruno Mars “Please Me” and “Finesse.” Cardi has become a force to be reckoned with.

cardi b

By the way, there were some other celebrities who could have made this list. For instance, Missy Elliotte and Nicky Minaj could have easily replaced some. Of course, you can be the judge of that. Overall, outlandish fashion is a mainstay. Isn’t the human mind amazing?

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