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The Omarion Dance Challenge



The Omarion Challenge is a new viral TikTok trend. Here’s everything you need to know.

With his participation in the social media dance challenge that was created to make fun of him, Omarion proved that he’s still the reigning king of being unbothered.

Old Footage Causes New Dance Craze

During a Verizon concert in 2015, footage of Omarion’s hilariously fancy footwork went viral, accidentally founding the #OmarionChallenge.

Omarion has been trending on social media after fans created a TikTok challenge based on his dance moves. Omarion is internationally known as an amazing dancer. These dance moves? Not so much.

Omarion participates in the Omarion Dance Challenge

More and more TikTok users are following the Omarion Challenge trend, but what exactly is the challenge, how did it start, and what song is used in it? The singer wrote in his own addition to the challenge:

“#Omarionchallenge Thank you to all of the funny people on the Internet for making this a thing.. 🤣🤣😂🤣,” he captioned the video. “It was only right. #Jokesonyou 💜🙏🏾”

The whole thing started after a resurfaced video of Omarion dancing at Verizon’s ‘Now Playing’ tour was shared on social media.

Omarion: The King of Unbothered Energy wants a verzuz battle with Chris Brown

Despite knowing for years about his moves, the R&B star couldn’t help but co-sign the viral clips, with Omarion himself poking fun at the clips and even revamping the choreography with his backup dancers.

Omarion is set to compete against Chris Brown in “Verzuz” if he has his way. He said he would love to face off against Brown in the friendly competition, but Brown has previously stated that he is not interested in participating in any way.

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