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The Newest “Mama Mai” Jeannie Mai Jenkins!



Jeannie Mai Jenkins is going to be a mom!

Jeannie Mai, Co-host from the daytime television show The Real, and husband Jeezy have announced they’re expecting their first child together.

In an interview with Women’s Health, the wife of rapper Jeezy, was quoted as having said, “Jeezy and I have been kind of saving this and hiding this for five months. So, we’re relieved to finally share the news.” The daughter of Mama Mai has said for years both before and after her rise to fame that she would never ever become a mother. She believed that she would be a horrible mother and that no woman should be undertaking motherhood unless they can keep a child safe.

Being in Healthy love with Jeezy Transformed the Mother-to-be

They decided nearly a year ago that they wanted children, but they couldn’t conceive. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant says it wasn’t easy. As a result, the couple underwent in-vitro fertilization (IVF). A month before the couple’s March 2021 wedding at their Atlanta home, Jeannie discovered she was pregnant. However, the heartrending news of a miscarriage would soon follow.

“I wondered if I was being punished. I wondered if I’d jinxed myself or cursed myself,” says Jeannie recalling that up until last year, she was never interested in being a parent. “My entire life, I never wanted children. When I say never, I’m talking a hard-stop never.”

Miscarriage, Heartbreak, and Curses

Following the miscarriage, she reflected on her change of heart. “Falling in love with Jeezy made me see life differently for myself. Our love is honest, pure, and safe…something I hadn’t felt as a child,” Jeannie says. The fashionista, and burgeoning mother to be, found a level of safety and security with Jeezy she had never known her entire life.

Jeannie discovered she was pregnant again at a doctor’s appointment a week after her wedding. According to her, it makes perfect sense that they were able to conceive during the happiest and most stress-free period of their lives. “It was the most beautiful sign that anything’s possible, that you’re not in control, and God has a plan,” she chimed.

The Reasoning Behind Jeannie’s Former Stance Against Becoming a Mother

Jeannie Mai loves both her parents but the one thing that they failed to do was protect her from sexual assault. This informed Jeannie’s decision to never have a child, fearing her imperfection as a mother could result in the same fate. Jeannie says regarding her experience as a sexual assault survivor, “It still affects me to this day as an adult. So now, when I think about my child, the one thing I can tell you is how much I plan to protect this child,” Jeannie says. “I’ve got that down on lock.”

Mama Bear Jeannie Promises to Fiercely Protect Her Child

Jeannie is not one for helicopter parenting a child to suffocating degrees nor legalistic religious inculcation but, she hopes to empower (the child we are hoping is a girl) by, “really in-depth conversation about what people are, how to draw your own safe spaces, and how to understand consent.” Jeannie found her voice later on in life. She plans to ensure that her child finds their voice earlier on than she did.

When Being Loved By A Good Black Man Proves Powerfully Transformative

Jeezy’s response to the news moves Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins to tears when she thinks of it. Jeezy is already an incredible father of two. Seeing him with the children has strengthened Jeannie’s faith in him as a parent. Some say entering a relationship with children is baggage but in this case, it was an added bonus that resulted in the metamorphosis of Jeannie. The woman who said never to motherhood has finally said yes.

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