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The Lead Attorney Gives Specifics On Bill Cosby’s Case!!!



The Lead Attorney Gives Specifics On Bill Cosby's Case
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The Lead Attorney Gives Specifics On Bill Cosby’s Case. This is interview was an in-depth explanation of Bill Cosby’s overturned sentence.

This is a thorough explanation of Bill Cosby legal case

People are talking about Bill Cosby’s release. Either they are outraged by it. Or they are celebrating along with Bill. At any rate, many want answers.

And, many are baffled by how the law works. Especially, as it relates to Bill’s sentence being overturned.

For this reason, hosts O’God and SamAnt brought “The Lead Attorney” back to provide an explanation. There are a lot of issues in the trial people failed to realize.

In fact, other alleged victims were bought in to collaborate with Andre Constandt’s account. This was problematic for Bill. Not only, did the jury listen to Andre’s story?

But allowing other women to speak about their alleged ordeal with Bill should not have been allowed. It was almost as if Bill was being tried by all those who were allowed to speak.

The problem with the other women’s account is there was no evidence or no DNA presented. Only their story of events was heard. So, clearly, Bill did not stand a chance.

Of course, there were other errors with Bill’s case. Keep in mind, Montgomery County prosecutor Bruce Castille did not pursue the charges against Bill, as reported by ABC News.

Bill signed an agreement with Bruce that was suppose to protect his legal rights. However, Kevin Steele was persuaded by public pressure from the alleged victims.

Overall, Bill’s court case went to trial. Regardless, of lack of evidence, Bill was put on trial. Bill lost his freedom. And, he was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison.

Not everyone is upset Bill is free

Needless to say, some people in the black community are celebrating with Bill. Often times the criminal justice system has worked against blacks. In particular, black men.

Moreover, there are many people of color in prison who are innocent. Shouldn’t this be a big win for us? Did the highest court in the land side with justice?

Also, let’s remember, Bill has always maintained his innocence. At the end of the day, Bill will remain free. Whether people like it or not.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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