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The Game Royalties Seized To Pay Off $7M Sexual Assault Case!!!!



The Game's Royalties Seized To Pay Off $7M Sexual Assault Case

The Game’s royalties seized to pay off $7M sexual assault case. Looks like Priscilla Rainey has won her lawsuit against rapper Jayceon Taylor aka The Game. However, Taylor lost his $20M lawsuit simultaneously against Viacom.

The Game loses big to Rainey

While Rainey won big, The Game did not. Taylor wanted Viacom to pay him $20M on the grounds that Rainey should not have been allowed to be on the Reality TV Show”She’s Got Game.” Allegedly, Rainey had a criminal record that included assault and battery other criminal charges which should have disqualified her, according to The Source. Viacom claimed they were within their rights to invite Rainey on the show. And, the judge sided with Viacom. However, it appears that the judge threw the book at Taylor. Rainey has be granted access to any money that Taylor receives. Taylor will not see any of his royalties until Rainey is paid. And, to top it off  here is what the lawsuit entails:

“in the judgement that Game has given Rainey access to any and to “any and all rights, title, and interest of Defendant from the following companies in the form of, among other things, commission, royalties, contract receivables, deferred compensation, income, wages, payroll, salary, and accounts receivables.”

This is a major blow for The Game, especially since his new album “Born to Rap” is due out soon. And, it sounds like Taylor may not receive any money from it. We wrote a story about the incident a few months back. Go take a look at the initial story of the alleged incident between Rainey and Taylor.

Priscilla vs The Game

Check out the video above for more details

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