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The Game Will Give Entire Pay To Priscilla!!!



The Game Will Give Entire Pay To Priscilla

The Game Will Give Entire Pay To Priscilla. Unfortunately, Priscilla is the new owner of  The Game’s record label.

Will The Game file for bankruptcy?

The Game will give entire pay to Priscilla. Also, Priscilla Rainey gets all of Game’s royalities. Did you all hear me? Priscilla will get any money that Jayceon Taylor aka The Game makes before he does. In other words, Priscilla has full control over any salary Game receives, as reported by Complex. Check out what the judgement says:

“Any and all rights, title, and interest of Defendant in any money, property, or payments due to Defendant from LA Prolific, in the form of, among other things, commission, royalties, contract receivables, deferred compensation, income, wages, payroll, salary, and accounts receivable. Failure by Defendant to comply with this Order may subject him to contempt of Court proceedings.”

The order goes on to say that all third parties who owe money to Game must adhere. I bet Game wish he would have taken this case more seriously. In case, you don’t all remember, Game was ordered by the court to pay over $7M to Priscilla. Game was accused of sexually assaulting Priscilla back in August 2015. Priscilla was a contestant on the Game’s reality show “She’s Got Game.” I was wondering if paying all that money out to Priscilla will bankrupt Game? Does Game have that kind of money?

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Check the out the video above for more details

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