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The Butler On Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Speaks!!!



The Butler On Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Speaks

The Butler On Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Speaks. The “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” was a iconic family show. The cast gave performances that were very memorable. Of course, Joseph Marcel’s character Geoffrey was one of the funniest.

What really happened with Aunt Viv?

The Butler on Fresh Prince of Bel Air speaks. Many of us loved the family sitcom. There were some how really liked Aunt Viv. And,Will Smith was very talented. Overall, every character on the show made the show a hit.

And, Geoffrey the butler was hilarious. The British actor Joseph Marcel was simply the icing on the cake.  Not to mention, each character’s role gave the show a really powerful dynamic. That is why when Janet Hubert left the show we were all shocked.

In my opinion, Janet’s character role as Aunt Viv was ground breaking. Aunt Viv was vivacious, intelligent, beautiful and very sophisticated. Aunt Viv revolutionized black strong and powerful women on television. Also, I thought  the chemistry between Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv was amazing.

Be that as it may, something transpired between Will Smith and Janet Hubert. What happened between the two changed the trajectory of the show forever, as reported by Us Magazine. When Aunt Viv was replaced with Daphne Reid I thought it would be the end of the show.

So, I was really interested in what Joseph Marcel had to say. During Joseph’s interview the hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored Joseph sort of danced around Aunt Viv’s departure. But, if you listen closely you can tell something happened with Will and Janet.

Let me say this, Janet has been very vocal. She blasted Will in several interviews. She went as far as to say that Will had a huge ego. Do you think Janet was on point about Will or not?

will janet n geofrey

Check out the video above for more details

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