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The Black Women in Luxury Movement



Black Women in Luxury Movement

“The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.” – Malcolm X aka El-Hajj Malik El- Shabazz

What is The Black Women in Luxury Movement?

When the idea of Luxury is conveyed commercially, what is often displayed are expensive cars, guns, purses, homes, horses, etc. The last thing so many people would think of when it comes to luxury is a black woman. Unless of course, she is a maid, nanny, or some other kind of servant to the one sitting in the lap of luxury. Stereotypes, caricatures, as well as social and systematic realities, contribute to this. Black women are perceived as persons who cannot afford to live well and somehow, are fit to live in struggle and squalor. Often times on runways and in magazines, black women with a combination of certain negroid features and hues are excluded or hindered from being presented as elegant. Enter, The Black Women in Luxury Movement.

What does the Black Women in Luxury Movement Seek to Accomplish?

The black Women in Luxury movement serves to change the negative ideas and preconceived notions about black women by entering social media feeds across social media platforms, representing black women, in their real lives, as care-free and cared for. The image of black and African women with disposable wealth is a counter-narrative to those of  Black Womanhood being portrayed as synonymous with struggle and sacrifice, which is par for the course in most academic and pop-cultural discourse.

This is a movement championed by women who live that life, in real life, and those who aspire to manifest the same. Oftentimes The Law of Attraction, visualization, and manifestation rituals are cited for having facilitated a black woman’s entrance into such a life. The Black Women in Luxury Movement, preceded by the #LevelUp movement; as well as the femininity movement among black women who were tired of being associated with strength and masculinity. These are the social predecessors of the Black Women In Luxury Movement. The foundation or stepping stones for what has become The Black Women in Luxury Movement.

The Black Women in Luxury movement presents luxury as peace versus struggle as a form of normalized chaos in the lives of black women. Luxury can be defined as Free or habitual indulgence in, or enjoyment of, comforts and pleasures. In addition to those necessary for a reasonable standard of living.

Who Opposes The Black Women in Luxury Movement?

Not surprisingly, oftentimes with these social media posts of black women flying on private jets or having breakfast in the Maldives, the content creators are viciously verbally attacked for having the same things other women are expected to have. This shows the visceral societal aversion to black women having nice things. Those that deny having any anti-black bias often find themselves perturbed by “uppity” black women because they feel it somehow threatens the social order. There is palpable desperation for the colonial social pecking order. A hierarchy that keeps black women at the bottom, that smacks of racism and white supremacy.


What Are The Perceptions of The Black Women in Luxury Movement?

What does she do for a living? They ask. Even after being told she’s the daughter of a celebrity or the wife of a cosmetic surgeon the responses from commentators are full of assumptions that this black woman could only be a sex worker. Even with being the most educated population in America since 2015, black women still cannot seem to dodge the stereotypes that make our lives matter less than non-black others.

Accusations of being a sugar baby or an escort reign supreme in the comments sections of women in the Black Women in Luxury Movement. Especially on TikTok the app whose algorithm apparently facilitates racial discrimination. Thanks to belonging to the most educated population of Americans in America, many of the TikTok content creators on the receiving end of these accusations are doctors, nurses, lawyers, cosmetologists, licensed beauticians, trust fund babies, and yes, even the valid stay-at-home wives, girlfriends, and kept women of wealthy, high-value men.

How is The Black Women in Luxury Movement improving the Image of Black Women?

Carefree prosperity is the theme of each social media post. Calling into question what black women are willing to accept in relationships especially romantic relationships with men. Black women are the foundation of the pop-culture reference ” ride or die chick” which has been dubbed recently, as having its roots mammy caricature wherein black women sacrifice themselves to benefit everyone else. Ride or die chicks have been known to take penitentiary risks for the men that they love in both impoverished and criminal situations, in the name of love. The burgeoning movement sees this as reckless and cheap while black women outside of the movement still see this level of blind loyalty as a virtue.

While materialism and wasteful consumptions are valid dissenting arguments against the Black Women in Luxury movement, the worst of dissenting voices; also the majority of dissenting voices, has proven to be a resounding choir of misogynoir.


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