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The Best And Worst Dress Celebrities At the 2021 VMA’s!!!



The Best And Worst Dress Celebrities At the 2021 VMA’s

According to Cosmopolitan, some of the celebrities’ dress was good and some were bad. Of course, I did agree with some of their picks. It seems as though the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) show has turned into quite a fashion show. Mixed in with Cosmo’s picks are the ones I like even better. I am curious what you all think.

Lil Nas X is notorious for pushing the envelope. And he delivered. This lavender get-up was a combination of  Little Richard, Prince, and Randy Watson, if you get my drift. For me, the hairstyle was a throwback from the 1980s. And, his color choice was good. I just could not get with the train dragging behind him. Certainly, Lil Nas X was not the worst dress on the red carpet.


1 – Kim Petras in Richard Quinn attire (worst)

Hated it. Not sure what she was trying to convey. But, I agree with Cosmo. Different but not impressive, if you ask me.


2 – Tinashe in Dolce & Gabbana (worst)

It was a nice outfit for going out to a party. However, there was nothing spectacular. As Cosmo pointed out, maybe she could wear it to a Halloween party.


3 – Billie Eilish Winter Ensemble (worst)

Well, let me just say this, where was she going? This is definitely not an outfit for the red carpet. Sorry, Billy, you look like you were dressed for winter.

billy e

4- Nick Cannon outfit silver and white(worst) – UPDATE – Nick Cannon Said this is not him. But it is someone who looks like him????

Does anybody want to tell me, in my Shuler King voice, what in the Busta Rhymes 1992 outfit is Nick wearing? Really, Nick, you got to be kidding me. This was a huge no-go. Period, point, blank.

nick cannon

5- Queen Blackwell Mixed Outfit (worst)

Queen Blackwell’s entire ensemble was channeled Baby Phat throughout. Unfortunately, from head to toe, she did not pull it off. Not sure why she was mixed-matched. It reminded me of a back-in-the-day cheerleader.

queen blackwell


1 – Saweetie in Valentino (best)

This was a fabulous look on Saweetie. From head to toe. It was the slit in her dress for me. Overall, a great choice, Saweetie. And those stiletto’s set it off. It said Old Hollywood Glam.


2 – Rapper Latto Gold Sequin Gown (best)

Latto completely pulled off the red carpet look. That long blonde ponytail was everything. I am a huge fan of sequins and gems. The form-fitting gown with the criss-cross neckline was supreme. The dress said, elegant, flashy, yet appropriate for the VMA’s.


3 – Billy Porter In a Silver Space Outfit (best)

This entire outfit was Fabolous. Another, fierce look from Billy. I must be partial to Billy. He is one of the most outrageous dressers. And, he always raises the bar. Somehow, Billy can pull of “The Look.” I’m just saying.

billy porter

4 – Ciara black lace gown (best)

Ciara can just about wear anything. She has the body for it. It is hard to believe she just had a baby not too long ago. The gown was nice.  It is not the kind of gown that would stand out on the red carpet.


5 – Ashanti in a Trojan Black outfit

At first look, the look was a little different for Ashanti. She wore the hell out of that dress. It was the leg out for me, though.


Some other celebrities had on some outfits worth mentioning. They were the worst look. And, they were not the worst. The word I am looking for is neutral. Do you agree?

Chloe Bailey in Marni and Halle Bailey in Monot

Halle’s gown was Fabolous. The white form-fitting gown accentuated her body. I especially loved the neckline. To top it off, her long-colored locks complemented the outfit. On the other hand, Chloe’s attire reminded me of aluminum foil over a medieval dress. Of course, some would beg to differ with me. I did love her long blonde locks. But the dress did not do it for me. What’s up with the spoon in the middle of the dress.

chloe n halle

There were some celebrities who did not make the list. Although, some of the outfits were not the greatest. Tell us what are your thoughts?

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